Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Laser Therapy for Brain Injuries

The use of low level light therapy (LLLT) or cold lasers has been around for decades for use in healing, prevention of tissue death, pain relief, reduction of inflammation.

One of the most interesting applications for cold lasers is in the field of neurology where serious brain diseases and injuries can be successfully treated.

At our clinic we have treated a number of concussion patients particularly in the youth hockey leagues here on the North Shore.

One such young concussion patient was Cyrus Valk from Edmonton whose uncle Garry Valk, the former NHL Vancouver Canuck, flew him down to see Dr. Linda Drake.

At the time Cyrus was a 14 year old hockey player who took two hits to the head within a few weeks and then a third “blocker to the head” which resulted in “huge headaches.”

“I took a couple of weeks off hockey and rested. When I went back to hockey I was hit again in the back of the head and now, 3 weeks later I was told by the neurologist – no school, no electronic devices, no stimulation, no TV no computer and only reading to occupy me other than massive amounts of sleeping. My CAT scan of my head was “normal.”

This is how the main stream medical profession handles concussions – basically do nothing and get lots of rest. However chiropractors who do advanced neurological training have been working wonders with therapeutic techniques which include the use of LLLT lasers. Additionally, chiropractors treat conditions associated with these injuries including whiplash, subluxation, neck strain, and muscle spasms.

On average, every hour 6 Canadians will suffer a traumatic brain injury with mild TBI’s making up 75% of all brain injuries. Some important facts to know about concussions are:
  • A person does not need to lose consciousness in order to be diagnosed with a concussion
  • A concussion is rarely a visible injury, the damage is below the surface and often do not show up on MRI or CAT scans as in the case of Cyrus.
  • Pervious concussion patients are more susceptible to further concussions as has been well documented in the sports world with such stars as Sidney Crosby.
  • Repeated concussions increase the risk for Parkinson’s, Dementia, depression and sometimes unpleasant personality changes. 
Though LLLT therapy is steadily moving into mainstream medical practice, the majority of doctors and their patients are still unaware that proactive therapeutic healing is available to them. If you or someone you know has been suffering from brain injuries it is worthwhile to investigate some practitioners who are using LLLT light for brain injuries.

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